Paws Nursery operates equal opportunities to all students. The Nursery is open to children aged 2 - 5 yrs. A range of sessions is available, with various options possible, combining grant-funded with non-funded sessions, and/or midday sessions including a lunch period, to extend regular sessions or cater for full days.


The Nursery is registered to accept Government funding for children aged 3 + yrs through the local Nursery Grants scheme. We also accept children receiving the Government funding for 2 year olds. Please enquire for details.


The Nursery is registered and inspected by OFSTED to ensure high standards of care & quality of education are maintained. Inspection Reports are available on request. OFSTED Parent Helpline available for further info : 0845 6014771


Hours and fees.

The Nursery usually operates a 39 week year, spread over three terms, and generally follows the local school calendar as set out by the local education authority.


Nursery funding is available for 38 weeks of the year; therefore, for those children in receipt of nursery grant, there would be fees payable for any days or weeks in excess of 38.


Usually, local authority funding is allocated for 14 weeks in the Autumn Term, 12 weeks in the Spring Term, and 12 weeks in the Summer Term.


If the Paws Nursery term exceeds the number of grant funded weeks, fees are payable for the extra days beyond the 12 or 14 week period if parents wish to send a grant-funded child for these days over and above the grant funded period.


Please ask the Paws manager if you have any questions about this.


Term dates 2021/2022.

Autumn Term : Thurs 2nd Sept – Fri 17th Dec inclusive (Half term : Mon 25th Oct – Fri 29th Nov)


Spring Term : Tues 4th Jan – Fri 1st April inclusive (Half term : Mon 14th Feb – Friday 18th Feb)


Summer Term : Tues 19th Apr – Fri 22nd Jul inclusive (Half term : Mon 30th May – Fri 3rd Jun)


Session times, Combinations and Fees


Morning session : 9:00 – 12:00 (these sessions qualify for grant funding)    


"Lunch Club" : 12:00 – 12:30 (optional – does not qualify for grant funding)


Afternoon session : 12:30 – 15:30 (these qualify for grant funding)


Children can attend any combination of sessions available, attending half days or full days from 9:00 – 15:30 if lunch clubs are booked to "bridge" the morning and afternoon sessions. They may also attend mornings or

afternoons, plus the lunch club, for example  : 9:00 - 12:30  or 12:00 - 15:30  


Ages 3 – 5  


•  Up to 5 sessions per week are funded by nursery grant so no fees payable. Up to an additional 5 sessions may be funded for eligible working parents.

•  Sessions in excess of 5 per week are charged at £18.50 per session


Ages 2-3 :    


£18.50 per session  (2 year old funding may be available to eligible parents).


The total for the term is simply the total number of fee-paying sessions per term. Fees are payable termly, in advance, with the total amount varying according to the length of the term (eg Autumn Term is always much longer than Spring or Summer Terms). Invoices clearly show all charges.  


"Lunch Club" sessions are not funded by nursery grant and are charged at £3.50 per session, paid termly with fees for morning and/or afternoon sessions.  


For children not in receipt of nursery grant, one term’s written notice is required before withdrawing a child from the Nursery, or dropping sessions, or one term’s fees in lieu of notice for withdrawal, or in lieu of dropping sessions, equivalent to the number of sessions dropped.  


Fees paid cannot be reimbursed in case of emergency closures due to severe weather, area or localized utility provision failure or pandemic illness amongst staff or pupils.




Entry procedure.

Paws Nursery operates an anti-discriminatory practice. Applications are invited for ALL children, welcoming racial, cultural and religious diversity. The Nursery works with the local Social Services and Education Authority in order to be able to cater for children with Special Needs.


To enquire for a place at Paws Nursery School, please use the ENQUIRE HERE button either on the homepage or under the contact tab.


Please click here to view our nursery brochure.


We are currently WAIVING the registration fee. No registration fee is applied if your child is eligible for nursery grant for all of the sessions requested. At this time, you will be given further information, including the “Handbook for Parents”, and details of pre-start visits, if appropriate.